AR Intelligence

Raise the bar and empower accounts receivable finance teams to unlock their own decision intelligence on a global scale.

Data is just the beginning of your organization’s story. The decisions you and your teams make on data can have huge implications on business outcomes.

AR Intelligence unlocks decision intelligence by removing time-consuming and error-prone processes involved in preparing, transforming, and visualizing data, so your teams can make more informed decisions around credit risk policies, collection strategies, or credit limit increases to create greater value for the business.
“I have not seen this level of reporting, and the ability to drill into the detail in all my years as a credit manager. It provides a strategic review and a dynamic approach to collections.”
Credit Manager, Global Fortune 500 Healthcare Company

Turn Out-of-Date Reports into Real-Time Intelligence

AR Intelligence puts critical business intelligence at the fingertips of key stakeholders to enable informed decision-making that has a real impact on key performance metrics.

Payment Terms vs. Cash Collected

Gain a full understanding of how payment terms—and customers paying to those terms—impacts cash flow, collection targets, and the cost of finance to optimize the entire order-to-cash process.
  • Understand the global impact of extending payment terms on cash flow and best possible collection/DSO (days sales outstanding) measures
  • Measure how customers are paying against payment terms
  • Measure the current debt outstanding by payment terms
  • Gain visibility into how much cash is being collected to actual payment terms, rather than standard terms
  • Drill down into customer-specific information

Payment Forecasting

Use dashboards to identify customer payment behavior trends and forecast what cash you can expect to receive week by week.
  • Gain a behavior-based understanding of cash forecasted to be received, so accuracy and success can be measured and reviewed
  • Understand trends week by week and month on month
  • Build an accurate overall picture of how each customer is paying
  • Identify variations in customer payment behavior to quickly identify potential risks and opportunities

Customer Behavior Insights

Track sales and payment performance, and the correlation between the two, to build confidence in future trading prospects across your entire customer base. Payment behavior measures the well-being and financial health of a business.
  • Uncover data across the customer base and sales ledger, or at the individual account level, to gain a full picture of how you are being paid
  • Gain visibility into customer behavior changes to drive more timely and informed decision-making
  • Measure the relationship between the behavior of sales and payments to optimize credit decisions and collection strategies

New Questions to Gain New Intelligence in Accounts Receivable

“What I really like is that the data you're providing is not only powerful for my AR team, but this is information my key stakeholders would very much appreciate in Sales and Finance.”

Head of Credit, Global Vehicle Rental Company

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